Glorious Easter at Crich Stand Memorial

Easter 2019 has reached record levels for good weather so our first visit of the year on Saturday April 20th turned out as a glorious day.
Crich Stand Memorial has a tower in memory of those from the Sherwood Foresters Regiment, built in 1851 although records show towers from 1760. It had a light which in 1934 had a range of 38 miles. There is also a Jubilee Beacon from 2002. With other memorials in the grounds and spectacular views of several counties, being 1000 ft asl, it is a popular location.
The club is very lucky to be allowed access for events with none of the noise levels most of us are now used to.
A dozen members enjoyed the day using half a dozen radios and a selection of antennae from homebuilt Magloop, VHF beam, VHF and HF verticals to an Endfed wire slung along a hedge with spectacular results . HF reached a special event station in Spain and east to Bulgaria whilst VHF reached from Birmingham to Sheffield giving lots of local chats with jealous contacts. The new lightweight generator coped admirably, being quiet and using much less fuel than its predecessor.

73 Alan M0OLT

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