GB1PMG Gala Special Event Station

Saturday July 1st 2017 meant our members were operating another successful Special Event Station at our QTH. South Normanton Gala was registered as GB1PMG (Post Mill Gala). Apart from enjoying the showground events and most succumbing to the aroma of fresh made chips (not of the silicon type! ) we were treated to a Flypast by a Spitfire in D-Day livery.

Beautiful weather meant an enjoyable day for all. Mel M0RNU and Ray M0TVX started operating both HF and 2m  stations but once again, even with the new G5RV, had no success on HF so concentrated on 2M with a steady stream all day. David (2E0DAO) set up a display and demonstration of CW  equipment and Royal Signals QSLs. Barry G4PCL operated his QRP rig and was able to successfully test a new G-QRP antenna tuner. Lyn G0NNU tested his new HF vertical antenna with a new mobile stand. Tony 2E0TNY and Alan M0OLT also spent most of the day with Simon G4VAX joining for a few hours in the afternoon.

SNADARC have been attending the South Normanton Gala every year and we use it as an opportunity to promote amateur radio to our local community. We will be operating another special event station with the call sign GB1CSR in August at the Cromford Steam Rally. We look forward to seeing you there!

Photos and article courtesy of Alan M0OLT

Spitfire Fly-By in D-Day Livery

Our members operating our special event station

David (2E0DAO)

Junction 28 Rally 2017 Success

It’s been another great rally this year at Alfreton Leisure Centre and we thank all members, visitors and traders who attended.

Over 400 people attended this years event on June 11th with many compliments received. Visitors came from across the country including Suffolk, Blackpool and the North East as well as all the local counties of the midlands.

40 stands occupied 120 tables ranging from individuals with a few surplus items, clubs and organisations, small traders to the national dealers such as LAMCO & Vine Antennas. As well as being a social event and meet up for hams everything was available from small components, new and used, those hard to find parts, used and even vintage rigs right through to new antennae and equipment costing thousands of pounds (at substantial discounts) plus of course books and magazines from the specialist clubs and RSGB.

Thanks to all the members who put so much time in before and on the day making it such a success. The good news is we are already planning next years event so book early if you want a table.

We look forward to meeting you all again.

Photos courtesy of LAMCO & Vine Antennas, article thanks to Alan M0OLT

Mills on the Air 2017

A beautiful weekend for a Special Event at the historic Arkwrights Cromford Mill using callsign GB1AWM.
On Saturday morning Ray M0TVX , Mel M0RNU, Lyn  G0NNU  and Barry G4PCL set up the station followed by Alan M0OLT, Russell G0OKD and Amanda M0HLF who provided RSGB material. Mark was a welcome visitor with the dogs and several members of the public stopped for a chat. Unfortunately the HF conditions were very poor. After issues with the G5RV we managed to get on air with the vertical.
On Sunday Mel, Lyn and Barry started the set up with Russell and Alan then Trevor for the rest of the day.

Although very poor conditions we managed Holland, Belgium and Germany as well as UK stations on HF but only GB5HW at Heage Windmill on 2m (no surprise for the location !). In spite of this it was an enjoyable weekend so thanks to all for their efforts.
Hopefully as we climb out of the bottom of the propagation cycle next year will be more successful

73 Alan M6OLT

Belper Steam Rally

On Friday 12th June Mel, Alan, Barry Lynn and Peter arrived at the Belper Steam Rally showground and erected the gazebo in glorious sunshine.

On Saturday the 13th June we all arrived after a night-long rain fall to a very muddy quagmire. Mel and Barry were earlier enough to get their car on site, Peter and Alan were not allowed on site due to the muddy conditions, later in the day Bee Keeper Peter arrived and went on air.

Shall we, Shan’t we go ahead the stalwarts won and we set up the yaesu 2 metre rig with full 2 metre antenna. Mel’s arms are now longer after carrying the battery from Peter’s car outside the gate, through the site to our gazebo!

Actually we all enjoyed ourselves and had over 20 contacts during the day. Very few visitors to the show but many thanks from those who called in for putting on the station. We used the club callsign and Alan is sending out EQSL and QSL cards.

At 5pm Mel was escorted off site and managed the atrocious conditions due to his training as a heavy haulage recovery driver.

SNADARC On The Air At Crich Stand GB1CSM

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday 25th/26th April was wet and very windy, not quite what we needed for our annual on-the-air event at Crich.

However, a stalwart group of club members turned up and the gazebo was erected under the direction of Hazel, who supervised well. After the tables, antenna and equipment were set up, we went on air.

The Yaesu FT4700 VHF/UHF received our first contact at 10.30 with Mark GB1AVR in Pontefract. The Kenwood TS-5700 HF received our first HF contact at 12.50 with Rob EI0IMD in Cork.

The weather was kind to us on Saturday and Sunday and most of our members operated mainly on VHF 2 metres.

As always we enjoyed a walk down to the Forrester cafe where we could look out across the shires of Derby, Notts, Lincoln and Leicester whilst sampling the home made ginger cake.

We had visits from many club members and the highlight of the weekend was club secretary Anya who operated on Sunday afternoon, whilst some of us sloped off for another drink!

We made 42 VHF calls on Saturday, and 37 on the Sunday. 10 HF calls were made on the Saturday (we did not operate HF on Sunday). We sent out 19 EQSL cards, and 9 QSL cards to people requested them.

It was an enjoyable two days and we hope that even more club members will join us at our next event at Crich, our 30 years anniversary on 18th and 19th July, using our club call MX0HQG

Special Event Station at Crich Stand Memorial

Last weekend, we setup a special event station at the Crich stand memorial.

Friday was very windy and the gazebo had to be lashed down with several ropes. Bryan M0OIC was active on HF and worked from his car for the Royal Signals ARS. He arranged his own QSL cards.

Denis M0DEN was our chief operator and made 38 contacts on 2 metres FM.

Denis M0DEN was our chief operator and made 38 contacts on 2 metres FM.

Saturday was a sunny day and we had several visitors. Operators Dennis M0DEN, Richard M3HDL, Russell G0OKD, and Lynn G0NNU worked 2 metres all day and made 76 QSO’s the furthest was Norfolk.


Every one enjoyed the day and we appreciated the help from club visitors who helped us pack up.


One visitor from Nunsfield House caught 3 buses from Derby and walked up to the monument just to say hello!



Friday: HF SSB 15 metres: 9 contacts.

Saturday: 2metres FM: 78 contacts (two called in twice)

EQSL cards have been sent and, QSL cards will be sent by Dennis

Belper Steam Rally

SNADARC attended the Steam event for the two days Trevor (M0WYT) and Lynn (G0NNU) They both stayed at the Rally field from Friday until Monday.

On Friday Peter M0KEF Trevor and Lynn fought the prevailing wind and eventually managed toput Lynn’s Gazebo up. This had to have additional ropes as at one stage the cross bars were bent when Peter held the unit from disappearing towards Upper Marehay.

We erected two aerials one HF tuned to 40 metres and a 2 metre dipole

We erected two aerials one HF tuned to 40 metres and a 2 metre dipole

On Saturday morning Denis (M0DEN) arrived and promptly took over Operating duties on VHF (thanks all club members that called in) and then 40 metres.

During the two day event we had 24 recorded VHF contacts, many from Club members (thanks) and some (almost) DX from Ludlow Shropshire and the Worcestershire Steam Rally.

Trevor and Lynn rigging the battery power supply.

Trevor and Lynn rigging the battery power supply.

We had 20 recorded HF calls on 40 metres including contacts from N Ireland, Stornaway and Germany.


Denis showing his feelings towards a 40 metre pile up!

90% off all calls were operated by Denis but Tony 2E0TNY worked 40 metres on Sunday. Saturday Peter made some FM contacts but the hit rate increased when Operator M0DEN returned.

Table display including an AVO meter

Table display including an AVO meter

We had several inquires from Scout groups Cadets and many school children we hope we have encouraged some to take up Amateur radio.

Denis had several contacts with the lady in the next tent who was spinning her time away, however he failed to get a free knitted pullover.

Denis hard at work while Lynn and Trevor relax

Denis hard at work while Lynn and Trevor relax

Lynn and Trevor cleared the site on Monday and we all enjoyed ourselves. No more planned rallies this year but We would like more help in 2013

Radios Used

Yaesu FT 840 HF

Yaesu FT 840 HF

Yaesu FT 4700 VHF

Yaesu FT 4700 VHF