Club History Early 1985 saw several amateurs in the Alfreton area get together at the Swan & Salmon Inn. The consensus was that it would be useful to have a new local amateur radio club as the closest ones were in Derby and Mansfield. The Landlord at the time was a licensed radio amateur and it seemed like the ideal meeting place! The general idea was to form a club for amateurs and shortwave listeners. It should have a friendly atmosphere, provide somewhere for people to visit, and for everyone to be made immediately welcome and become part of the club. With these aims in mind, the club was formed, a committee elected and a constitution created. A.D.A.R.C. – Alfreton & District Amateur Radio Club – was now up and running! Over the next year, the club grew from just 10 to 46 members. In later years a change of club name took place to incorporate South Normanton, but the original aims of the club are still the same today. After just a year after it was formed, the club was put in the situation of requiring a new meeting place due to the fact that the landlord of the Swan & Salmon was leaving. At this point, the Explosives & Chemical Products Company (ECP) stepped in and offered free use of their social club, close to Alfreton Railway Station. The location of the new clubroom was not ideal for VHF operation, but the club was assured that 400 Watts would not set off any detonators and explosives stored on site! The club enjoyed several good years at ECP before company policy made another change of venue necessary. After a short stay at Alfreton Town Football Supporters Club, we arrived at New Street Community Centre, before eventually moving to our present meeting place, The Post Mill Community Centre on Market Street, where we have been since January 2000.


The club now has over 50 members with an active programme of events on Monday evenings. We have our own tower with HF & VHF antennae which are used with our Club call sign MX0HQG. Weekly meetings include regular talks or videos, a monthly Junk Sale and social meetings in a pleasant environment. The Club is a registered Examination Centre with many members trained to Foundation level and some going on to Intermediate level. Members are supported training for the Advanced Examination (Full Licence). Club Members also help others learn CW (Morse code). Practical construction is encouraged with recent projects of a CW QRP transceiver, small test gear and antennae including extremely effective Magnetic Loop versions by several members. We now have Event Shelters and portable equipment with HF & VHF antennae for external meetings. We have been able to operate from Crich Stand Memorial regularly during summer evenings as well as ‘Special Events’ such as at Belper Steam Rally, Cromford Steam Rally, South Normanton Gala, Scout Jamboree on the Air and Mills on the Air. We are always looking at other Club Night locations. And of course the ‘Junction 28 Radio Rally’ every June. New members – novices or experienced, short wave listeners or those just interested in radio – are always welcome. Speak to any member or contact the Club Secretary

Alan Jones 01332679913 snadarcsec@gmail.com