Becoming a Radio Amateur

All radio operation in the UK is governed by the Wireless Telegraphy Act which requires that anyone wishing to operate a radio transmitter on the amateur bands must first obtain the necessary licence.

SNADARC offer a range of training courses for anyone wishing to study and take the exam for whichever grade of amateur radio licence they require.

The Amateur Radio Course

The Club’s Lead Instructor is John Mason G7PBV. John is an Accredited RSGB Instructor.

Courses Available:

Foundation Licence – Your First Step

This is the first step in the 3-part licence system. Upon completing and passing this exam you will be issued with an M6 callsign. This will permit you to operate on the 1.81MHz to 432 MHz amateur bands with a maximum
power of 10 Watts.

Intermediate Licence – Your Next Step

This examination requires candidates to construct a number of radio related and electronics projects, with further details on operating procedures and practices. Candidates passing this exam will be issued with a 2E0 callsign, permitting access to 90% of the amateur bands with a power limit of 50 Watts.

Full Licence – The Big Exam

This final part of the licence system contains no practical assignments, it is purely theoretical.
Upon passing this exam candidates will be issued with an M0 callsign with access to all amateur bands from 1.81MHz to 40GHz with a maximum power of 400 Watts. Please note that this course requires candidates to possess a good knowledge of English and everyday maths.
To take the Full Licence examination, candidates must have previously passed the Foundation and Intermediate Licence exams.