The Club  Membership currently Includes:-


Mike Bevan                        G4TWW

Russell Bradley                 G0OKD

Bill Caine                             G6JNZ

Brian Cook                          G7TYP

John Coupe

Luke Coupe                        M7LMC

Ken Hunt                             2E0SYD

Mike Jeffs                           M0RMJ

Janet Johnston

Steve Johnston                 2E0GEU

Alan Jones                          M0OLT

John Mason                       G7PBV

Michael Miller                  M0ILM

Peter Munson                   M0KEF

Melville Nutt                     M0RNU

David Oddie                       2E0DAO

Nigel Parr                            G6MRN

Lyn Payne                           G0NNU

James Pottage                  G1XVF

Ken Scott                             M5SRE

David Shaw                        2E0FUO

Steve Walters-Smith      2E1SWS 

Ray Taylor                         M0TVX               


We welcome all on our nets and to our Zoom meetings.